Different Roofing Styles and their Advantages and Disadvantages 

The roofing style of our house is a very important component of our homes, it dictates the look of our house from the outside, and it also dictates the structure of our interiors. When planning for our house, it is smart to start off with the style of our roof, and then everything else follows. 

    Choosing the right roofing style, however, is hard and can be a headache; there are many out there, and it can be confusing to choose. You need not worry though because, with a little background knowledge, you can distinguish and identify the style that you like. To help you, here is a list of different roofing styles and their advantages and disadvantages. 

1.    Mansard Roof 

Mansard roof, which is described as the French roof, has four sides and each side have two slopes, the lower slope is much steeper than the one above. These four sides can be curves, or it can be flat, depending on your choice. 

The main advantage of mansard roof is the structure of the two slopes in the sides of the roof, it creates more living space in the interiors of your home. You can construct a spacious attic up above, or you can additional rooms for your guests or storage. 

The disadvantage of mansard roofing style is that it costs more money than the more common roofing styles like gable or hip roofs. It also needs elaborate designing and it can costs you more because you will tend to build more rooms inside. Mansard roofs are also not a good weather resistant roof, it is susceptible to damage from heavy rains and snow. 

2.    Gambrel Roof 

The next type of roofing style is the gambrel roof, which is commonly described as barn roof. This type of roof is commonly utilized in buildings like log cabins, farm houses; but it can also be seen in houses that has Georgian and Dutch styles as well. Gambrel roof is almost the same as the mansard roof, it has two slopes in its sides, the difference though, is that gambrel roofs have only two sides instead of 4.  

The advantage of gambrel roof is that like mansard roofs, it provides more space in the inside, you can build an extra loft, attic, or rooms. The advantage of gambrel over mansard roof is that gambrel is easier and cheaper to make, it is because it has only two sides. 

The main disadvantage gambrel roof is that it is not very sturdy and strong. If you use this roofing style and you are in a place where it snows heavily, the roof might not be able to handle the pressure of the weight, and it can collapse.  

3.    Flat Roof 

The flat roof is one of the more widely used roofing styles today. It is commonly used in commercial buildings, but it is also utilized houses that have modernistic designs.  

The main advantage of flat roofs is that you can use the top of your house and transform it into another structure or component, like a mini garden or a penthouse that is partially enclosed. The main disadvantage of this roofing is that snow will be very difficult to remove and it will require your effort to do it. If you want this type of roofing, you can visit the website http://www.edmroofing.ca